sustainable services

The sustainable design department at Mdn Architects, Inc. takes a holistic approach when envisioning a project. Evaluating the needs of the building and the benefits to the end user, Mdn Architects, Inc. creates a sensible approach thereby reducing resources consumed for a more environmentally friendly project. Our six LEED APs assist the client from the initial development of green building goals and integrated design strategies, to the analysis of a project with services such as energy modeling, carbon foot printing through building post occupancy. The firm is a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Austin Energy Green Building Program.

Sustainable Design

  • Designing Performance Based Projects
  • Green Specifications & Materials Research
  • Energy Studies & Water Efficiency Analysis
  • Consulting on High Performance Projects
  • LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental
  • Design)
  • LEED® Project Management
  • Existing Building Energy Audits
  • Building Operations & Maintenance Planning

Project Management

  • Contractor Training
  • Pre Bid Meetings
  • Pre Construction Meetings
  • Establishing Indoor Air Quality
  • Establishing Waste Management Plan
  • Assisting with Commissioning Plan
  • Submittal/Shop Drawing Review
  • Closeout of Project (Punch List)

Document Coordination

  • Green Marketing Strategies
  • Sustainable Development Guidelines
  • Green Tenant Lease Guidelines
  • Green Housekeeping Policies
  • Green Furniture Requirements

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